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Principal defended

In response to Tim P. Kelly’s question in his letter, “GSL fans cross the line” (Sept. 28), “Who’s the principal?” at Mt. Spokane High School.

Let me introduce him to you.

His name is John Hook. As a teacher at the high school, I’ve been under his leadership since 2003. John is a man of deep commitment to excellence in education. He has a profound passion to see all the students at Mt. Spokane reach their full potential. Do we have some students who “cross the line” and make unwise choices? Yes. What school doesn’t? Yet I have seen John deal with these young people with firmness, fairness, compassion and grace.

Do we deal with students who are facing enormous challenges in their daily lives? Yes. What school doesn’t? Yet time and time again I have seen Hook unselfishly give of himself to these young people.

John is a man of great integrity. I like that word because it contains the smaller word “grit.” He stays with the stuff, even when it’s messy. I have witnessed him respond in grace when the criticism was harsh. He does not easily give up on kids.

I am proud to be a Wildcat and proud to be under John Hook’s leadership. My life and the lives of our great student body have been enriched for having known John. Maybe, sir, you should get to know him, too.

Tim L. Widmer



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