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Policeman attacks U.S. patrol; 1 killed

An Afghan policeman hurled a grenade and opened fire on a U.S. military foot patrol in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, killing an American soldier and raising fears that insurgents have infiltrated the police.

It was the second attack by a policeman on U.S. soldiers in eastern Afghanistan in less than a month.

The patrol was returning to a base in Bermel district of Paktika province when it was attacked by the policeman, who was standing on a tower, the military said. The soldiers returned fire, killing the officer.


Palestinian killed in West Bank

Israeli troops killed a Palestinian man Thursday, the third such fatal shooting in the West Bank in recent days amid escalating tensions among soldiers, Jewish settlers and Palestinians.

In three separate incidents since Tuesday, Israeli soldiers have opened fire on Palestinians the army says were about to attack Jewish settlements or military outposts with rocks and Molotov cocktails.

Neither Israelis nor Palestinians would comment on whether the shootings – all near the main West Bank city of Ramallah – was part of any organized militant push or merely an outgrowth of deteriorating relations between West Bankers and settlers.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said the Army recently had beefed up its “undercover presence” around many settlements in order to fend off an “increase in firebomb attacks.”

Early Thursday morning, Israeli forces fired on three men near the village of Kafr Malik, west of Ramallah. The army spokeswoman, speaking on condition that her name not be published, said all three were carrying firebombs – two of them lit and ready to throw.

Aziz Arrar, 20, was shot in the pelvis and left bleeding for almost two hours before he could be evacuated, according to Palestinian medical sources. He died later in a Ramallah hospital, and a second man was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest.

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