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Sat., Oct. 18, 2008

Letter writer said it all

Three cheers to Bette Wilson for her letter Oct. 9, “Give credit where credit is due.”

I often wonder why we have to read about the Cougars and the Vandals? I’m a Vandal fan, but I would rather read about West Valley, U-Hi, East Valley and Central Valley and the GSL.

For crying out loud, this is Spokane’s paper. Let Pullman write about their Cougars. After all, they are the worst team in America. The Huskies aren’t far behind.

I remember when the Valley Voice was about the Valley. Now all we get is a bunch of ads. Of course, I know The Spokesman-Review could care less what their subscribers think.

Rosemary Parcher

Spokane Valley

Council taking city down

Can you believe this Valley City Council wanting to tax vehicles $100?

How do you impeach these idiots? If there is a petition, I’d sure like to sign it. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I can’t stand someone dumber than me. I think the way things are going we had better dissolve this Valley City Council before they dissolve you. The Valley is going to hell in a hand basket and I think they eat a bowl of stupid before they leave for wherever they go.

Look at it this way: Are you better off than you were before the people voted for this new city? I don’t think so. Money is getting tighter and these clowns want to stab you in your pocket book some more. I do know I’m getting ready to move out of the Valley, as its going to hell.

Dave Nightser

Spokane Valley

Editor’s note: The proposed vehicle license tax would be a countywide measure, not just Spokane Valley.


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