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Former CdA High jock one of Idaho’s hottest

If you were wondering what happened to ex-Coeur d’Alene High football/baseball star Mark Scates, he’s a federal law enforcement officer living in Boise – and one of Cosmopolitan’s hottest Idaho bachelors. His sister, Brandi Meade, nominated the 30-year-old for the honor, stating: “Mark has a rep as a great boyfriend. He showers a girl with gifts and likes to cook.” A link provided at Huckleberries Online shows Mark stripped to the waist, hugging a tree, in an outdoors scene. The Women of Huckleberries Online confirm Mark’s as hot as Cosmopolitan advertises. Sez JeanieSpokane: “Oh boy. And he likes to cook. I’m having a hot flash.” If you’re wondering whether a guy and a girl can be just friends? Mark’s answer for Cosmopolitan was – “yes.” An anonymous woman responding to the article commented: “You have a great smile. I would like to put it in my pocket and keep it. Would like to e-mail you but the site will not let me do that at the moment.” Now, there’s something that you wouldn’t have read in the football programs in the mid-1990s when Mark was packing the pigskin for the Vikings.

Stand by your man

How bad were things going on the witness stand for Catherine Stevens, wife of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, who’s on trial for corruption? Here’s Dana Milbank of the Washington Post: “Mrs. Stevens ran her hands through her hair and struggled for answers (‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’) but came up mostly empty. And just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse for the Stevens family, Sen. Larry Craig walked into the courtroom after lunch and planted his wide stance in the audience to lend.” In its report, the New York Times said: “The only senator who sat in the audience to lend support to Mr. Stevens was Larry E. Craig, the Idaho Republican who fell into a scandal over his behavior in an airport men’s room last year.” How have the mighty fallen.

Quotable quote

“I am going through a divorce. I got the cash, he got his 401(k). I haven’t lost anything in CDs. He on the other hand has lost half his net worth to me and 30 percent of his 401(k). HEHEHE. wonder what he thinks of his 20-year-younger girlfriend now/Berry Picker Cindy, re: a Huckleberries Online question: “How much has your 401(k) lost?”


Poet’s Corner: Indict and convict,/leave him no hope of pardon,/for last night Jack Frost/Executed our garden – The Bard of Sherman Avenue. (“Murder In The Backyard”) … In a photo on her OnLocation North Idaho blog, Post Falls Councilwoman Kerri Thoreson offers the Christmas gift for the redneck who has every, ah, convenience to fit a Jeff Foxworthy stereotype – a bowling ball on a pedestal that serves as a garden gazing ball … In the Dunno Much About History Dept., Berry Picker Moscow Minidoka responded online to plans by Moscow High to eliminate one of the two years of U.S. history required to graduate: “Oh my god, NO! My college students don’t know ANYthing about history, and think the 1960s are ancient history. This is a BAD MOVE!” Bingo … Rocky Barker/Idaho Statesman caught the Idaho connection in the song “McCain-Palin Tradition” by Hank Williams Jr. to promote the Repub prez ticket: “Like a mama bear in Idaho, She’ll protect your family’s condition, If you mess with her cubs, She’s gonna take off the gloves, It’s an American female tradition.” Wonder if Idaho bear wear lipstick?

Parting shot

Christie Wood, the North Idaho College trustee and CPD Blue spokeswoman, came out of the closet last week – no, not that closet. She admitted on my blog that she’s a Repub who’s voting for Demo Walt Minnick in his race with Congressman Bill Sali. Quote Christie: “I consider myself a moderate, but when pinned down by my good friend Duane Rasmussen, I freely admit I do not always vote along party lines. I know that goes against his belief system but we manage to stay friends anyway. I think many Republicans like some aspects of Bill Sali’s leadership. He is a nice guy. However there are many others who do not share his views. I am one of the others. I will be supporting Walt Minnick even though I know I could be blacklisted from the local party.” She’s not the only one.