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Find Scoop, win a scoop

Hey kids! Be the first in your neighborhood to find where Scoop Reporter is hiding inside today’s Voice and win free scoops of ice cream for you and your family.

The cute little bear cub reporter is hot on the trail of a news story. Look for him among the advertisements in today’s paper. Is he on page 3? Is he on page 5? Find Scoop and win ice cream scoops!

The first kid age 12 or younger who finds where Scoop is hiding and calls Marsha Ovnicek at the newspaper today between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. and tells her where he is hiding will win. Her phone number is 927-2156. Marsha will want to talk to your parents, so make sure one of them is nearby when you call so she can find out your name, how your name is spelled, your age, your parents’ names, what school you attend and in which Voice you found Scoop.

You must speak with Marsha on the telephone to win – voice messages, e-mails and personal visits don’t count.

There will be seven winners each week. One winner will be named from among readers of Thursday’s North Side Voice, South Side Voice, West Plains Voice, Prairie Voice and Valley Voice and from Saturday’s Handle Extra and Valley Voice. Winners will be eligible to receive free ice cream. They’ll also be named Honorary Cub Reporters, will win an official reporter’s notebook and will have their names published in the following week’s Voice. The contest ends Oct. 2.

Where is Scoop hiding? Find him and win!