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Sat., Sept. 13, 2008

MiVoden expansion commercially motivated

Your recent article regarding Camp MiVodens request for a conditional-use permit did not reflect all of its intended uses. Residents who live on or near Hayden Lake should be aware that the proposed expansion is primarily a commercial undertaking as indicated by Camp MiVoden’s master plan. It proposes the following:

1. Fourteen new lake-view duplex cabins

2. New full-size gymnasium

3. New 500-seat cafeteria

4. Remodel and upgrade existing dorms to motel units

5. Remodel existing cafeteria into new 500 seat auditorium

6. New Adventure-in-Life Nature Center.

7. Six new, hike-to only, backcountry cabins

8. New self-contained with a 360 degree view Mountain-top Retreat Lodge.

9. New welcome center

10. New full-size ball field

11. New full-hookup RV Sites

12. New outside activities, i.e. Go-Karts, miniature-golf, skateboard park, BMX racetrack, cross country ski trails, inner tube run, waterslide, etc.

Hayden Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Pacific Northwest. Historically, its uses have been recreational (boating and fishing) and seasonal residential. The development of a commercial resort facility by a congregation that will pay no taxes to support its development or maintenance does not seem in the best interest of the community.

P. Mason

Hayden Lake

Farragut priorities skewed

Farragut State Park needs to get its priorities straight. Before paving any more of this rare piece of paradise, the Parks Department needs to seriously consider how many people they can cram into the park without ruining this extraordinary natural resource.

Farragut is an island of vital lowland habitat. So-called resource management is stripping the forest of wildlife security. Megacampgrounds are turning habitat into high-density developments with more pavement than most towns. Throngs of visitors are tromping vegetation and pioneering trails down to the lake. The onslaught of more, bigger and faster boats is eroding the shoreline, felling trees and swamping trails.

Farragut State Park deserves better than to be a cash cow for the state Parks Department. They are milking it to death.

Mike Lee



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