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Sara Lee Cheesecake Bites minidelights for most tasters

Wed., April 1, 2009

Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee, right? And now she may have created the perfect treat.

Most tasters on The Spokesman-Review reader food panel loved the new Sara Lee cheesecake bites at first bite. Their biggest complaint was that the diminutive desserts were too small.

“Yummy! These little guys need to grow up and get bigger,” Vicki Deschaine said of the strawberry cheesecake bites.

Andy Hoye loved the chocolate version of the treats. “Buy these today,” he wrote on his evaluation sheet.

Even Larry Inman, who admitted that he is stingy with five-star ratings, gave the treats the panel’s highest mark. “Fantastic!”

The collective enthusiasm for dessert was dampened when the name of the treats was revealed, along with the nutrition label. The rich dessert bites, which are mini versions of the original cheesecakes, are just 20 calories a pop. But it adds up fast. Down 21 of the little 1/2-inch chocolate cubes – that’s considered a serving – and it will set you back 440 calories and 27 grams of fat, 14 of them saturated. The strawberry bites are only slightly better with 430 calories and 25 grams of fat per serving.

“Rich, dark chocolate cheesecake nibbles that melt in your mouth. Decadent, but at a price – way too high in fat and sugars,” said Lindi Messenger.

Marilyn Moore pointed out that the bites are a great option for those who want to limit their indulgences.

Those who can stop after a bite or two might opt for the cheesecake bites when it’s time for dessert. Anyone who wants more can just keep popping the mini bites into their mouth.

Be careful, because that’s easy to do. The frozen cheesecake bites can be eaten right out of the freezer.

Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Price: $3.69 per 7.5 ounce container, about 40 bites

Nutrition per 21-bite serving: 430 calories, 25 grams fat (13 grams saturated, 52 percent fat calories), 6 grams protein, 47 grams carbohydrate, 75 milligrams cholesterol, 3 grams dietary fiber, 90 milligrams sodium.

Taste: • • • •

Value: • • • 1/2

Comments: “Rich cheesecake flavor. No complaints, except fat content.” – Andy Hoye

“Yummy. Rich and smooth cheesecake laced with strawberries. Sweet with a nice texture. Unfortunately, all the great flavor comes from the high fats and sugars.” – Lindi Messenger

“Frozen delight. Great taste.” – Larry Inman

Sara Lee Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

Price: $3.69 per 7.5 ounce container, about 40 bites

Nutrition per 21-bite serving: 440 calories, 27 grams fat (14 grams saturated, 55 percent fat calories), 6 grams protein, 45 grams carbohydrate, 80 milligrams cholesterol, less than 1 gram dietary fiber, 180 milligrams sodium.

Taste: • • • •

Value: • • • 1/2

Comments: “Fantastic! I’m stingy with my five-star ratings, but this one is well deserved.” – Larry Inman

“Not too sweet and a rich chocolate flavor.” – Vicki Deschaine

“Great if you want to limit the size you get to one, yeah one, bite. Too rich for me.” – Marilyn Moore

Products sampled by The Spokesman-Review’s reader food panel are prepared according to package directions. Panelists are not aware of a product’s brand name or price until after they have tasted it. Products are rated from one to five stars for taste and for value, based on quality compared to price.


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