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Fri., April 3, 2009

Obama doesn’t stop digging

Concerning the Feb. 1 article, “Obama keeping rendition option”; the Feb. 18 article, “Obama to deploy 17,000 to stabilize Afghanistan”; the Feb. 27 article, “Obama’s blueprint taxes, spends”; the March 12 article, “Obama signs bill despite earmarks”; and the March 23 article, “Obama averse to taxing bonuses”:

I do not see a lot of change from the previous White House administration. Had it not been for the election results from last November, it would appear the Bush administration was still in power: keeping the rendition policy, $2 trillion federal government budgetary deficits, lying about vetoing earmarks, protecting the bonuses of the elites of the financial businesses and massively increasing the wars in the Middle East.

At this rate, at the end of his four-year term the Obama administration will have us close to $18 trillion in federal debt, with Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare running massive deficits too. There is an old saying that once you have dug yourself into a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging. Well, our elected officials keep digging us deeper into that black hole of debt.

Think the economy is bad now? It will be a lot worse in four years.

Mark Johnson

Nine Mile Falls

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