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Sun., April 12, 2009

Democrats passed the buck

Re: “Gregoire proposes tuition spike,” April 8:

I agree with Gov. Gregoire that we (state) are in a crisis. However, the real crisis is that of a weak and pandering Democratic regime in Olympia that have sown the seeds of our state’s huge ($9 billion-plus) deficit with its uncontrolled spending policies.

The state university system is a primary function of government and to arrogantly put more costs on the back of students is both insincere and deceptive. Make some hard choices and refuse to fund pandering grants (Fox Theater) and eliminate your redistributive programs such as in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

Students, parents and voters, don’t be fooled by our Olympia politicians and their rhetoric. Demand responsibility by supporting financially responsible and honest candidates.

Ed Walther


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