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Smart Bombs: Tweet revenge

Tweet revenge

I haven’t twittered, but I have peered into the future. For me, it could be this:

tossed, turned all night.

city discovers search warrant in Lost and Found. Luck-EEEE!

28% tuition increase! Oh snap!

PBJ … it’s what’s for breakfast.

crusty plates. miss phosphates.

ambidextrous garbage trucks … OMG!

deputy bunch gotta break. Ya think?

socks with sandals … starting to make sense.

Cougs now bad to the Bone. Sorry.

bathroom break – be right back!

don rickles in spokaloo … seriously?

can’t kill a fly w/monday paper.

Me: “Black coffee”. Them: “Want room?” Me: “For more black coffee?”

Brown’s sudden income tax = epic fail.

thin mints, samoas, do-si-dos, trefoils, tagalongs, lemon chalet cremes, dulce de leche … oh no you didn’t!

forgot recycle bags @ grocery store … paying with guilt.

neil sedaka … seriously?

Earworm: Oooh, I hear laughter in the rain, walkin hand-in-hand with the one I luv …

finished “Worst Hard Times” – feelin’ better ’bout recession.

rite of spring: curse new ruts on roads.

lunch: whammy @ dick’s … come on, “brown fat”!!!

Bob Apple’s courage > the rest.

coffee makes me twittery.

Tina Fey killz on 30 rock.

maui. i want to go to there.

do pirates have Talk Like A Landlubber Day?

kendall yards … seriously?

sittin down to ’rite column now.

The Big Cigars. I’m not all that excited about an unenforced ban on smoking at parks. At my neighborhood park, I find the skateboarders who incorporate the picnic tables and bathroom roof a bigger nuisance. But I agree with former Spokane County Commissioner John Roskelley that it’s indefensible to exempt smoking on public golf courses, where more influential people hang out.

Just can’t be “business friendly” enough, I guess.

Taxing education. Gov. Chris Gregoire, after announcing the plan to allow a 28 percent hike in tuition at four-year colleges: “We’re giving them (students) a bargain. We shouldn’t apologize for the tuition in Washington state.”

Gregoire in 2006: “Washington’ s economic competitors are not Oregon, Colorado or California, but nations such as Norway, Korea, China and Sweden.”

In those countries, tuition is minimal or free. Here, the plan is to charge students increasingly exorbitant amounts to stay globally competitive. It’s like raising taxes on a product in hopes of increasing its sales.

Smart Bombs is written by Associate Editor Gary Crooks and appears Wednesdays and Sundays on the Opinion page. Crooks can be reached at or at (509) 459-5026, but not on Twitter.


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