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Sun., April 12, 2009

Tax would make wealthy flee

Re: “Brown, Chopp weighing state income tax,” April 3:

The elected representatives Lisa Brown and Frank Chopp must believe the citizens of the state of Washington are either ignorant, stupid or idiots. Should they achieve their objective of getting a state income tax passed on only the wealthiest few hundred citizens, how long will it be until they lower that earnings limit to include several thousand citizens, and then lower the limits again when they need more of our money?

The passage of this limited state income tax is only the beginning. Citizens, look out: The government is after our wages, earnings and Social Security funds. The positive side of this new tax legislation, if implemented, will be a reduction of the traffic on the West Side of the state, because the wealthiest will leave for states where there is not state income tax, similar to what New York is experiencing at this very time.

Richard R. Mayer

Spokane Valley

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