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Mon., April 13, 2009, 11:42 a.m.

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A great week: A charity per day | Vox Box

Kicking off your ‘Easter-Week’ (finally, It’s Spring!), your lovely bloggers here at the Vox Box will be starting a great new iniative: Say hello to ‘Charity-A-Day’. Every day this week, you’ll be able to read up on a different branch of charities.

• Sandpoint considering drive-through ban | Huckleberries Online

Residents in (Sandpoint) might have to start waving bye bye to drive-through businesses. A proposal to prohibit drive-through services recently passed the city’s planning and zoning commission and goes before the city council in May.

• HBO’s a.m. headlines | Huckleberries Online

Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR | Showers today follow Sunday’s rain/Mike Prager, SR | Investigation lashes into Idaho F&G/Ralph Bartholdt/Special to SR

• ‘What made America strong’ | Eye on Boise

Freshman Rep. Jeff Thompson, R-Idaho Falls, came in for a heavy grilling in the House this morning on his bill to protect companies from liability if they have policies letting employees store firearms in their vehicles in the company parking lot. Several attorney members of the House questioned whether the bill was actually opening up employers without such policies to lawsuits.

‘There’s always an open season on criminals in Mason County’ | Eye on Olympia

Sen. Tim Sheldon, who’s also a county commissioner in rural Mason County, told the local weekly that he felt that his well-armed constituents would dampen the effect of proposed budget cuts at the county sheriff’s office.

A new Magic Lantern? Again? | Movies and More

While attending the Get Lit! event at the Magic Lantern Theater on Saturday, I learned two things.

• Handle Extra sports | Sportslink

Here’s a feature story on Coeur d’Alene pitcher Amber Coburn that appeared in Sunday’s Handle Extra.

• Easter fun video | Spin Control

The resurrection of chocolate bunnies, set to music.

• Moms and internet addiction | Are We There Yet?

Since I started working part-time from home almost two years ago, I noticed a disturbing trend: I’m constantly on the computer.

Anew Magic Lantern? Again? | Movies and More

While attending the Get Lit! event at the Magic Lantern Theater on Saturday, I learned two things.

Garage-sale season opens | Everyday Economy

It’s starting to be the season for one of the region’s great economic “sports” — garage sales. A lot of people pursue the sales with a passion that easily matches that of the weekend golfer: gathering the ads, mapping a route, and hitting sale after sale for the best buys. Now that the weather’s starting to warm up, so will the sales.

• Monday’s loose thread | A Matter of Opinion

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