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Lab mix shows her horse sense

Sun., April 19, 2009

In the “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” Department, Berry Picker Kibby reports a close encounter with a sixtysomething F-bomber in the parking lot of Super 1/Kathleen Avenue. Seems Kibby spotted an old brown Lab mix waddling in the parking lot toward Highway 95, as she was leaving Ron McIntire’s store recently. She and two other women stopped the mutt and were about to contact management when the owner arrived. When Kibby & Co. asked if the dog was OK, the owner responded she was simply old and had jumped out of the back of his pickup (which was full of yard debris). Mebbe, said Kibby’s companion, the dog is too old to be riding in the back of a pickup. To which, the owner responding with an F-bomb and a don’t-tell-me-how- to-take-care-of-my dog. The hothead launched another cluster of F-bombs when the women explained they were trying to keep his dog from wandering into traffic. ‘Ere the owner and his limping dog walked off, Kibby stated: “That’s not how a real gent talks to a lady.” P’haps the hothead has been listening to too much rap music?

She said … yes!

The Easter Bunny found his honey at St. Pius X Catholic Church – on Easter, of all days. Here’s how the Rev. Roger LaChance and Councilman Mike Kennedy related the story to Huckleberries. At the end of the 8 o’clock service, Father Roger alerted parishioners that they were in store for a nice surprise. On cue, the Easter Bunny made his appearance at the back of the church and began handing out candy to the kids. Councilman Mike, who had left early with one of his ever-increasing brood, heard the commotion and ventured back into the building. Elsewhere, Steve Pelsma and his family were inexplicably herding daughter, Bri, toward the Cwazy Wabbit. Who presented Bri with a plastic egg. Which contained a diamond ring inside. At that point, the love-struck rabbit asked Bri to marry him. She, of course, said yes, oh yes, yes, yes. Who can resist the Easter Bunny?


Poet’s Corner: “The day was fine, the weather fair,/when first I saw a pothole there./The next time that I drove the route/I noticed there were two about./A few weeks on, I passed again/and then I counted nine or ten./ … The months flew by, for time is fleet:/ now there’s more hole than there is street”– The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“Pothole”) … For those keeping score at home, 44 percent (36 of 81) of respondents to a Huckleberries Online poll said the city administration and urban renewal officials should do nothing to the current configuration of McEuen Field. Only 17 percent (14 of 81) wanted a complete overhaul of the play field. Note to the Bloem administration and LCDC: Proceed with extreme caution … Izzit me, or did U.S. Sen. Jim Risch conjure images of Demo Michael Dukakis in the tank, when he recently posed for photos in Baghdad – in a military helmet? … What do editorialists at the Moscow-Pullman Daily News think re: the loopy Sandpoint idea to ban drive-throughs? “Ridiculous” was one word used in a Tuesday editorial … In perusing CraigsList last week, John Austin discovered that the 54-foot boat owned by the late Spokane Realtor Gary Fox was for sale for $340,000. Fox, as you recall, fell off the boat and drowned at Carlin Bay/Lake Coeur d’Alene three years ago. He once told John that he’d put $800,000 worth into the boat. In other words, someone from the Got Rocks crowd is in for quite a bargain.

Parting shot

In this computer age, now-ex KVNIer Dave Walker didn’t have to wait for word to dribble out that he’d been pink-slipped by the local radio station. At 2:10 p.m. Friday, April 10, Walker did the honors himself by announcing on his Facebook page that he’d been “let go.” At 7:46 p.m. Sunday, Walker offered that he “might stay up late since I don’t have to get up at 4 a.m. anymore.” Then, he Face-booked Monday morning that he needed to start job hunting. I posted that news at Huckleberries Online (where you’d been the first on your block to know it, if you followed the blog as you should). Within an hour, the newsroom received another piece of the story when Chris Wagar (formerly of KMC public relations and KHQ) e-mailed a list of scheduled Mariner broadcasts (for April 17-23), signing off by identifying himself as the new “KVNI news director.” Seems KVNI has played musical chairs regularly since veteran news director Dick Haugen got the boot during the holidays of Christmas Past.

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