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Money-making ideas

Count me as surprised and unhappy as anyone to hear that Cougars athletic director Jim Sterk has been negotiating to move the Apple Cup to Seattle every year.

But after hearing Sterk explain that the Cougars will make $2 million a year playing at Qwest Field, that’s a pretty persuasive argument. After all, there’s nothing more important in college athletics than money, right?

With that in mind, perhaps Sterk could consider a couple of other money-making ideas. WSU could play all its games at Qwest Field and the Cougars basketball team could become the prime tenant at KeyArena.

Or the best money-making idea of all: The Huskies could pay the Cougars $3 million a year to just forfeit the game. The Cougars would make more money and the Huskies will be guaranteed to win at least one game a year.

Larry Medin



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