April 19, 2009 in Letters

Olympia picking our pockets

The Spokesman-Review

What in the world is wrong with our legislators? A hundred dollars here, $500 there, and all coming out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

When is enough, ENOUGH? What we need are legislators who are fiscally responsible for the money already collected. Whatever happened to “if you don’t have it in your wallet (tax coffers), you don’t spend it”?

We the American people, years ago, broke away from England because we were being taxed to death. Think about the taxes we are already being asked to pay: sales tax, property tax, income tax, luxury tax, taxes when we die, tax on liquor-cigarettes, taxes for schools, gas tax and many more. Now “the powers that be” have signed House Bill 1939 to pay auto dealers $100 to $150 above the sticker price of a car. How can you just vote money that isn’t even yours to someone else? Olympia, get out of our pockets. Get responsible and real with our money and taxes. That’s what we the taxpayers are trying and do.

Rola Krause


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