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Taxes, you gotta love ‘em

I love taxes. I love libraries, schools, roads and snow removal. I love the police, firefighters and U.S. soldiers. I love clean air, water and protection of the environment. I love Social Security, unemployment insurance and medical care for those that need it. I love national, state, county and city parks. I could go on and on, because taxes benefit my life, my community and my planet.

Through the pooling of our taxes, we as a community are able to provide so much more than we could ever hope to provide individually.

I am not a wealthy person that can afford a parklike property, personal security, tutors for my kids and a retirement plan. There are people that can afford those things. I am very glad they share the tax burden with me. I will do my part.

Instead of raging against taxes, understand that taxes are our way of mutually supporting our needs as a city and countrywide community.

It’s easy to film crowds of protesters for the news. It is not easy to show all those who quietly support the choices made by our representatives in our government. I am one of them.

Kathy Swehla



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