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Tradition important

I am very upset with Jim Sterk wanting to move the Apple Cup to Qwest Field.

With him trying to convince all the donors about how great this new Martin Stadium is going to be, it now isn’t good enough for the biggest game of the season? How can Qwest be a neutral site? East Siders have to travel five hours, pay for a hotel room, pay for restaurants, among other things, to see a home game. The Huskies just have to drive five minutes to go watch their team play.

Why don’t we just move the Apple Cup basketball game over to KeyArena?

Can Sterk not see how this is hurting the local economy and taking away from the tradition of the game? Do you really think that winning a football game over there will be the same as winning it in Pullman?

People from Seattle hate having to travel over to little Pullman. That is one of the best parts of playing it at Martin Stadium.

The Apple Cup should stay the way it is, because personally I feel tradition is more important than some money.

Jessica Kyllo



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