April 19, 2009 in Letters

Tuition hikes hamper future

The Spokesman-Review

As Washington state continues to make their decisions on a new budget and the universities are faced with the overwhelming decisions of what to cut and what to raise, this is of great concern to me.

Employers want people with training and degrees. However, if higher education costs keep being raised and programs are cut, it will make it difficult to get that training.

As a student, I chose to attend EWU for my education over staying at home in Montana because of the small class sizes and quality education.

I understand that the economy makes the decisions extremely challenging for everyone involved. However, the students attending our colleges and universities will become the next lawmakers, social workers, journalists, teachers and so on. It will be increasingly difficult for them to do this if programs are cut and tuition continues to rise.

It is my hope that the Legislature will really consider the futures of the students – who they will become in our society and how best to get them there – while making up their final budget.

Sheena Lacer


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