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Tue., April 21, 2009

Don’t move Apple Cup

Moving the Apple Cup to the supposedly neutral site of Qwest Field is a bad idea. (Who actually believes it is a neutral site?) While there may be financial upsides for the schools, what about the downside for Pullman businesses?

It is bad enough they took one home game away already to play on the West Side, but now another every other year? I’m sure on a biennial basis, the Apple Cup brings in more money than any other home game. I hope the Pullman Chamber of Commerce and the City Council make big noises about this.

Beyond financial reasoning there is the issue of competition. There is no comparison to playing in a hostile environment as an away team. Can magic like last season be achieved in Seattle when WSU is “home team”? (Again, how stupid do they think we are to believe this?)

At the very least, if this deal goes through, someone’s job must be on the line if this new system does not work out.

Make the Huskies take the trip across the state and that drive down from Spokane on game day. It is why we have home games.

Jeremy Lessmann


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