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Grateful for Goodman

It is troublesome that access to relevant, important news is being reduced by the economic down-turn (i.e., newspapers downsizing or closing down). Furthermore, mainstream TV news broadcasts seem to present few, repetitive and often trivial reports sandwiched in by multiple commercials.

Our newspapers and reliable, unbiased news outlets are essential to a strong democracy. I want to thank you, Spokesman-Review, for publishing Amy Goodman’s column April 23 titled, “Torturers must be prosecuted.” It reinforced what I heard Monday night, April 21, at Gonzaga when Amy Goodman told us about many courageous people who spoke up against injustices, from Rosa Parks to Jean Maria Arrigo, who helped uncover the role played by some psychologists who acted as contractors to devise the torture program for the CIA, including Mitchell Jessen & Associates of Spokane.

Through your newspaper, Amy Goodman’s radio broadcast on KYRS (92.3), and her Web site, and our PBS and NPR stations, we still have clear windows to the world.

Inga Boyles