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Lawmakers out of touch

It never ceases to amaze me how far out and seemingly uninformed our elected legislators are on what their constituents are going through. We are in the throes of a deep recession, jobs are being lost, hours being cut, homes are being foreclosed, there is great difficulty paying utility bills and indeed grocery bills. And they want to raise taxes on many things necessary to live: 6 percent on power, garbage and most other utility billings. Allowing school districts to collect more property taxes and other tax-raising issues not on ballots.

For those with children in college it may come down to not being able to have their children continue to have an education that will certainly impact the future of our state and country. This is unfair taxation.

Where do they suppose this money is coming from? The citizens have to cut back and do not have a means to get more money. Unfortunately these state representatives and senators may have to find a way to cut back on state spending instead of finding more ways to take money from the citizens of our state. Enough is enough.

J.R. Cucinotta

Spokane Valley