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VIPs of GOP to stress the positive

WASHINGTON – No more “Party of No.”

Top Republican officials and lawmakers plan to announce today a series of town hall-style meetings about their ideas for shaping the country. With the backing of the House and Senate GOP leaders, the new group will operate outside the Republican National Committee and highlight conservative policy ideas and draw contrasts with Democratic President Barack Obama.

Their first mission is turn back Democrats’ claim that the GOP does little more than say “no” to the White House and Democratic leaders of Congress.

“One of the things that’s constantly stated by the Obama administration spokesman is that the Republicans are the ‘Party of No,’ and that the conservatives don’t have ideas,” said former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. “But conservatives, in general, have not done a great job on putting forward their ideas.”

To that end, several groups have announced plans to illustrate GOP positions with real-life examples of how their ideas could help voters. The Congress-based group includes Bush, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain.

Earlier this week, a new group, Resurgent Republic, announced itself as a coalition of the GOP’s top strategists. It includes former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie, former Sen. George Allen and Barbour.

Members of both groups say they want to be a Republican roadshow outside Washington’s circus tent and independent of the RNC.