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Valley City poor steward of taxpayer money

I am confused. We are told that we do not have enough money to pay for all of the street maintenance we need, but we have a “civic building capital projects fund” with $5.8 million just sitting there, waiting to build a shrine for our city council?

I don’t care if they have to hold meetings out of their cars in a parking lot. How dare the city council members tell us they do not have enough money for street repair so they have to tax us some more, (one absolutely stunning idea from a candidate interviewing for Taylor’s vacated seat is to impose a $50 per garage door fee to cover the shortage), yet they are hoarding millions to put toward a city hall. How irresponsible and arrogant; it is our money!

Here’s a thought: How about the Valley City Council start acting like the rest of us, only pay for things that you want (city hall) after you have paid for the things that you need (well-maintained streets).

Some of our council members have forgotten where the money comes from that they seem to so casually spend – it comes from hardworking, over-taxed people, who vote.

Tamara Barron

Spokane Valley