August 16, 2009 in Letters

First, read the bill

The Spokesman-Review

What is difficult to observe during this debate over health care is the vicious attacks on dissent. Typically when there is a lack of understanding between parties, the volume increases and people develop counterarguments and call others names rather than taking the time to listen. Legislators are hiding rather than publicly addressing their constituents. The media seems to not get the message either and is attacking First Amendment rights.

A friend articulated the problem and I am offering it for consideration. We are asking Congress to slow down and read the entire bill. This will critically affect us and we want that consideration. If the president can take six months to decide on a breed of dog, we are entitled to equivalent consideration.

Review it, debate it and send it to us for feedback. Put yourselves on the same plan. You give us the impression you are a privileged class along with labor unions and federal employees that deserves better than the rest of us. Rationing is viewed as a disguised form of euthanasia; that needs to be cleared up and eliminated. Take the time to sort this out and then tell us that you “get” what we are saying.

Daniel B. Mulligan

Newman Lake

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