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Sun., Aug. 16, 2009

History backs gun rights

Mr. E. C. Guise’s Aug. 6 letter naively expresses his willingness to relinquish legally owned firearms, making a mockery of the Founding Fathers’ “last-ditch” insurance against tyranny, the Second Amendment.

The more totalitarian the government, the greater the likelihood possession of privately owned firearms will be “infringed” for control purposes. The socialist regimes of the USSR, communist China, Nazi Germany, etc. make this point self-evident. The recent registration and confiscation of legally owned firearms in Australia is another example.

In 1934, Adolf Hitler legally became chancellor of Germany. According to Mr. Guise’s logic, Hitler’s subsequent actions as chancellor were then legitimate, justifying the concentration camps and Holocaust. This faulty premise is typical of the left, glossing over the deaths of tens of millions under the assumption that the next communist or socialist government “will get it right this time.”

One can only speculate had otherwise “law-abiding” citizens taken it upon themselves to eliminate Stalin, Mao, the Kims of North Korea, Pol Pot, Hitler or any of the other socialist despots – how many millions of lives might have been saved. For in the end, is it not the responsibility of the citizen to control the government?

George A. Bratina


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