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Travesty of justice

The Eastern Washington University football program was put on three years probation and banned from postseason due to major violations caused by their coach Paul Wulff, now the head football coach of WSU.

The NCAA punishes the students involved in the football program and Wulff gets away with a slap on the wrist. The NCAA feels that Wulff’s actions only deserved a three-workout suspension, but the EWU football athletes are basically put in “prison” for three years. What incentive is there for them to even want to play while Wulff rakes in the coin and accolades from WSU?

What a farce, a portrait in discrimination and prejudice toward the players while babying the guy that caused the problem. Wulff was on TV the other night, grinning from ear to ear and acting like an angel. What a crock! Wulff shows no remorse and WSU shows no shame for hiring a devious person.

The NCAA should quit acting like pompous dictators and start paying attention to who is really the problem. Maybe they should also look in the mirror. Having Wulff continue coaching is kind of like putting Bernie Madoff in charge of the Treasury Department.

Lloyd Zimmerman



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