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Vote for local values

“All politics is local,” the quote often attributed to Tip O’Neill, is nowhere more true than here in Spokane. Residents of City Council District 2 have the opportunity to elect a true neighborhood and small business advocate in Jon Snyder.

As the publisher of Out There Monthly, our area’s recreation magazine, and the Go-Green Directory, Jon is keenly aware of the pressures and challenges facing small-business in our community. As importantly, he has ideas on how to address these problems with smart economic development that creates jobs and supports small business.

As a Peaceful Valley resident, Jon has had firsthand experience in negotiating complex neighborhood vs. development issues. He listens and values input on all sides of an issue.

I want a city in which I am proud to live and raise a family, one that keeps our “best and brightest” from fleeing the area at the first opportunity. I want to be able to walk and bike our streets safely. I value our street trees, our parks, our downtown business district and the ability of our neighborhoods to shape our future.

Jon’s vision for city government supports these values, and I support Jon Snyder for City Council.

Tim McHenry



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