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Health care starts at home

Our country retains health images that no American should be proud to acknowledge. We possess a crumbled health care system, and our Congress has recently proven that on the issue of reforming health care, it is divided and cumbersome. Assuming that this group of 435 wakes up and passes a reasonable and productive bill, good health in America is not guaranteed.

More than crumbled health care, we have crumbled “self care” in America. Individuals seem to think that they are not responsible for the quality of their own health. You can have the greatest health care in the world, but if you stuff cheeseburgers and soda down your throat every day, don’t expect to live to 80.

This possible revolution in health care should be a more than adequate sign that Americans should take a good look at themselves, swallow their pride and swallow some vitamins.

Brian Pedey