August 18, 2009 in Letters

Now is the time to unite

The Spokesman-Review

The line in the sand between conservatives and liberals seems to be more deeply drawn, according to media hype recently, by identifying those concerned with health care as mobsters, terrorists and anti-Americans. Yet the reality is if there were ever a unifying issue, this certainly is it. If we are all under a one-payer system, and our health care choices are diminished, they are diminished for all, whether we are Republican or Democrat.

We need to unite against this; those not getting adequate health care will not be elevated into good coverage. Rather, we will all be brought down. When we suddenly move the umbrella to cover 40 million, where are the instantaneous doctors? Doesn’t that mean longer waits for everyone? Rationing? Cutting Medicare for aging Americans is the epitome of a bad idea. Diseases typically raise their ugly heads manifesting with age, and at a time people can no longer work.

Health care solutions for a huge geographically diverse nation of 300 million people with philosophical and cultural differences require time commitments of study and debate, tort reform and reforming insurance abuses. There are solutions, but it is not a quick three-week fix into one size for all.

Mary Ellan Moe


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