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Warming ‘consensus’ crumbles

The S-R cites professors from area universities who, along with four council candidates, believe that human-caused CO2 emissions have a significant negative impact on climate change.

Maybe they haven’t read the current (March 16, 2009) U.S. Senate Minority Report: More than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-made Global Warming Claims. That’s 13 times the number of U.N. scientists (52) who authored the original Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change Report that led to federal, state and local “sustainability action plans” and policies. In the last two years the “consensus” has collapsed. Russian, Japanese, East Indian and even Canadian scientists (68 percent) are declaring that nature, not human activity, rules the climate.

Why should honest politicians, like Nancy McLaughlin and citizens like us, care what the consensus is? Because government policies that limit greenhouse gas emissions would lower the quality of life and reduce economic well-being for future generations – all based on false science. Restricted freedoms include the kind of car you drive, where you live, what you can do on your property, how many miles you drive, how much you will pay for basic necessities. In other words, every aspect of human activity will be affected. See for yourself at

Penny Lancaster