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Kitten survives six days in duffel bags

Two maintenance workers were testing and reprogramming garage door openers at a Spokane Valley apartment complex Thursday when they heard a muffled meowing in one of the garages.

They tracked the sound to a large canvas duffel bag. The workers unzipped the bag and found a second black duffel bag within. When they opened the second bag, they found a scared kitten covered in its urine and feces, according to a KHQ report.

They gave the kitten a bath and called SCRAPS, the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service.

“This kitten was very lucky to be found at 11 this morning, otherwise it probably would have died today,” animal protection officer Nicole Montano said.

“We are thankful to those who rescued this kitten from what would have been a horrific death,” Montano said in a press release.

The orange and black, short-hair kitten was named “Duff” by the heroes who rescued him. One of the workers and his girlfriend adopted Duff Thursday night, Montano said.

Donivan Crews, a Spokane Valley man in the early 20s, was charged by SCRAPS with confinement of a domestic animal in an unsafe manner, a misdemeanor. He admitted to SCRAPS that he had placed the kitten in the duffel bag six days ago, and said he would open it and throw in some food from time to time.

He told SCRAPS he kept the kitten in the bags because it started to act “weird.”