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He was cruisin’ for a bruisin’

Slice-meister Paul Turner is taking some time off this month, but don’t despair: In his absence, we’re rerunning some of the tastier tidbits from this date in Slice history. Today’s sampling:

FROM 2005:

While standing in a cruise embarkation line in Seattle, Rick Jones thought he recognized a man in front of him.

“Are you from Spokane?” he asked.

The guy replied with a disgusted tone, “Do I look like I’m from Spokane?”

Not anymore.

FROM 2003:

You’ve heard of dog days, of course.

But did you know that we’re approaching the marmot days of summer?

Yes, that’s when kids facing the prospect of school try to burrow into their beds and hide.

It usually doesn’t work.

FROM 1997:

You don’t see this every day: Bagpipers were practicing outside a Millwood church early one recent evening when an elderly woman drove by and flipped them off.

“Maybe she thinks we’re No. 1,” one of the pipers speculated.

FROM 1994:

We don’t recall applying for the job.

But somewhere along the line, more than a few readers decided The Slice was a clearinghouse for complaints about Spokane or gripes about the newcomers moving here.

So now it’s time to tell those particular readers something we’ve been meaning to say:

Thanks. Keep ‘em coming.

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