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Wolf hunting selfish act

As a Washington resident of over 40 years, I have watched as our Evergreen State’s rights have been taken away from us. As a neighbor of the beautiful state of Idaho, I am seeing that same trend in the most horrific way, the slaughtering of wolves for the pure enjoyment of the hunt.

There is no rhyme or reason for it, only that they are an infringement on someone’s way of life. The wolves are symbolic of the Pacific Northwest’s heritage and have a right to protection. They are only becoming a nuisance to a handful of people who have invaded their territory by moving into the wilderness and then whined because they are at the back door.

We have become a nation of killers. If it doesn’t fit our lifestyle, be it a wolf or a child, we simply eliminate it. It is not hard to figure out why this country is no longer blessed. All I can say is God help us all to see the damage we are doing to ourselves and those around us, and pray it is not too late.

Jeanie Smith

Nine Mile Falls