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Apparent pipe bomb along river destroyed

Mon., Aug. 24, 2009, 8:51 a.m.

An apparent pipe bomb found at a recreation site on the Snake River was destroyed on Sunday after it was discovered unexploded in an area that at times gets a lot of foot traffic, the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The 14-inch device was made from galvanized pipe with two end caps and a wick protruding from the pipe. The wick appeared to have been burnt, said sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Chapman in a press release.

The device was found along Moses Bar about three mile east of Red Wolf Bridge.

Deputies called in bomb squads from the Washington State Patrol and Richland to disarm the device. They fired a projectile at it to dislodge the end caps so they could inspect its contents on Sunday afternoon. They were unable to positively identify the contents, then destroyed the device.

Chapman said the sheriff’s did not have any leads on who was involved.

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