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Did your summer test positive?

Mon., Aug. 31, 2009

Slice-meister Paul Turner is taking some time off this month, but don’t despair: In his absence, we’re rerunning some of the tastier tidbits from this date in Slice history. Today’s sampling:

FROM 2002:

Grade your summer:

A) Redefined euphoric human fulfillment.

B) Pretty good. Went by fast.

C) Watched a lot of TV. Nothing bad happened.

D) Rediscovered my inner yahoo.

F) You’ll have to speak to my public defender.

Incomplete) Still waiting to hear from the lab.

FROM 1999:

Zucchini season: A North Idaho reader named Joyce faxed in a reminder that it’s time to start locking your car doors to avoid receiving surprise vegetable gifts.

FROM 1995:

We heard about a wedding reception at a house over in Twisp that featured two portable potties in the front yard.

“Elegant” wasn’t the word used by the neighbor with whom we spoke.

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