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Mon., Aug. 31, 2009

A weekly look at reader comments and reactions to the news.

The owner of a Spokane-based medical marijuana dispensary was arrested in Oregon driving a 4-pound shipment of pot back to the Inland Northwest that he says was destined for his customers. Now he’s facing drug charges and potential prison time, largely because Oregon authorities don’t honor marijuana permits issued by other states. To see the comments in full, turn to

shane0312: What a joke! Look at the headlines for the federal deficit! What part of that constitutes the war on drugs? End Prohibition Now! The federal government has no right to legislate morality. In the words of Thomas Jefferson “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

spokelooneh: This is so freaking stupid. Did you see that story in the Inlander last year, about the mmj patient, horribly disfigured from being burned as a kid, who has had dozens of surgeries, and they revoked his visitation with his KID because of mmj use. This country’s priorities are completely whack. We deserve to go to hell in a handbasket.

geyhound2: Just more dysfunctional insanity.

lewis: The owner of the store should have been better informed. Just one more example of waste of our tax money. If he gets prison time we will get to pay to keep him there. Nancy Reagan and her crew took away from me and you, she took it far away she took it faraway.

nslopeofw: Damn dope sellin’ hippies! ;-)

empyrius: I’m ready to cry! These stories just depress me man, o, I know, I could get a doctor’s prescription for this depression, b/c we certainly would not want me to use a natural anti-depressant like marijuana, then the drug companies and doctors would lose out on profits; and we all know profit is the end be-all of this country huh! Marijuana, a “controlled substance”: har har harhar! And Washington state, the state itself, actively engages in the distribution of a “controlled substance,” alcohol, scientifically proven to be far more dangerous than marijuana. Every year hundreds of college students die of alcohol poisoning alone, they die of poison from a poisonous substance, but overdose deaths attributed to marijuana are ZERO.

Justiceandmercy: He’s gonna need a prayer … lots of them. And this man is no angel … trust me! He knows who he is and what he does! And so does the Lord. And so do his innocent victims! Boo!


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