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Scare tactic deplored

Regarding the letter to the editor from Lois Bender (Dec. 3) concerning Medicare “cuts” in the health care reform bill currently being debated in Congress, it is my understanding the proposed “cuts” pertain to savings anticipated through elimination of fraud and abuse of the system. Something I think we can all get behind.

Republicans are using Medicare as a wedge issue to frighten us seniors and turn us against supporting health care reform for everyone. If proof is needed that they don’t give a hoot about Medicare coverage for seniors, check the votes for and against HR3961.

Our representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and 182 of her colleagues voted against this bill. Fortunately, with Democratic support, the bill passed 243-183 and stopped a 21.2 percent decrease in payments to physicians treating Medicare patients. If health care for seniors was really a priority and not a political tool, why would McMorris Rodgers vote to lower physician payment rates and drive more physicians to turn away Medicare patients?

Republican opposition to health care reform is all about protecting the health insurance industry and taking down the Obama administration. At least they could be honest about it.

Linda McHenry