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Grafos positively wrong on couplet

Spokane Valley City Council’s newest member, “positive change” advocate Dean Grafos, was very negative in his inaugural statements.

His goal, to overturn the present City Council’s decision to return part of Sprague Avenue to two-way, would deny the city thousands of revenue dollars over a period of many years.

He is ignoring the Jan. 23, 2007, Sprague/Appleway Revitalization Plan (SARP) consultants’ redevelopment and economic recommendation: Return all of Sprague and Appleway avenues to two-way.

He is ignoring the outcome of a city sponsored, Nov. 30, 2006, workshop: 94 percent of Sprague Avenue land and business owners present recommended Sprague Avenue return to two-way. These people know their land values and property taxes will increase, and their businesses will prosper generating more jobs and sales tax revenue.

More tax revenue from healthy businesses is better than squeezing a balanced budget out of additional taxes extracted from the general public.

“Positive change” advocate Grafos is starting his political career with a self-imposed full load of negativity. A truly “positive change” would be to return all of Sprague and Appleway avenues to two-way – a government decision that would permit “healthy” market forces to increase tax revenues.

Philip L. Rudy Spokane