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Zags ‘deserved’ loss

Sun., Dec. 13, 2009

The Gonzaga vs. Wake Forest men’s basketball game (Dec. 5) was disturbing.

It was heart-wrenching to watch as our Gonzaga player assaulted a defenseless Wake Forest student with a purposeful right forearm to the student’s neck. Upon flooring the Wake Forest player, our student simply walked over the top of him and did not bother to acknowledge what he had done, offer an apology or assistance in helping the injured player get to his feet.

I have been a devoted Gonzaga fan for many years. However, the image of a well-coached, sophisticated small-town school with academic scholars who happen to also play basketball well has been tarnished for me.

Following the incident, I turned the channel on my TV, and was happy to later find out that Gonzaga had lost the game. This was a well-deserved loss that I expect Gonzaga will always remember.

I hope Gonzaga has not sacrificed its poise and dignity in the game of basketball for the sake of having a winning season.

David Greaves



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