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Thu., Dec. 17, 2009

Thank you for aid for Kenyan boy

Thank you, Spokane, for your wonderful support for Kevin Wafula, the Kenyan lad with the burned face reported in the Dec. 3 Spokesman-Review Voice article regarding the First Friday fundraising art sale for Kevin.

The Spokane South Rotary Club held several additional art sales immediately after First Friday with the final sale being the STA event. The generosity of Spokane totaled more than $4,000. I was particularly moved by a modestly dressed gentleman who visited our booth just an hour before Sunday’s 5 p.m. closing.

After hearing me repeat Kevin’s story and the funding goal set by our club, he asked, in heavily accented English, “can I just make a donation?”

I watch him open his tattered wallet, and from behind a few dollar bills emerged a worn twenty.

As he handed it to me, he simply said he “wanted to help,” and then disappeared down the escalator. Merry Christmas to you, sir… wherever you are!

Paul Zimmerman

Spokane South Rotary Club


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