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Met mailings may be missed

I am writing this as a public notice to fellow victims of Metropolitan Mortgage. The creditors’ trust has been working on getting whatever funds they can to distribute to us. However, they have had some difficulties with our addresses.

I know this because I discovered that they had sent me checks and other mailings that should have gone to two other Rebecca Smiths. This occurred over a span of about four years until I discovered it myself and reported it.

As we discussed this situation, I was told that they knew there were other mistakes, where people with the same names had been combined onto one of those individual’s addresses. But they also said they believe most people have discovered this by now.

I don’t know why there wasn’t a public notice about this, but I felt I could at least try to get the word out. If you are a victim of Metropolitan Mortgage, especially if your name is a common one, and you’re not sure you’ve received correct mailings or distribution of funds, call the Metropolitan Mortgage creditors’ trust.

Rebecca Smith