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Top of the world

Sun., Dec. 20, 2009

Seen in books as a child

stories unreal and fanaticizing

takes dreams to the highest level

and being the lowest degree

months of training, weeks past

tags cleared, crew cast

gear of an abominable snowman

your life in a jar

several tanks, all ajar

at her base few thrive and the yak

friends of the trade and mules in the act

fair skin and furry hide

with them you may survive

stormy nights and blissful days

restless dark omniscient silent night she awakes

over walls of ice and miles of snow

blanketed in white trucking slow

one foot forward feels like a marathon

goal is reached all aside

remembrance forever placed

small flag atop her crown

in silence and blinding light you drown

back down moments later you go

careful as to not slip and fall

thinking back how as a kid

the most beautiful thing you saw

the thing you wanted most of all

stood behind you 29,029 tall

Mount Everest

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