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Cancer comparison outrageous

So, police Sgt. Brad Thoma has a disability called alcoholism? And when it comes to employment, his lawyer, Bob Dunn, suggests that disability is similar to having cancer? My dad has cancer, and to suggest that alcoholism is similar is an outrage.

Drinking alcohol is a choice. Drinking and driving is a choice. And Brad Thoma made the choice to leave the scene of an accident he caused.

Cancer is not a choice. Cancer does not affect my safety while a police sergeant is on the job; alcoholism does.

I would not feel comfortable with Brad Thoma in charge of keeping me safe in the city of Spokane. If he makes the choice to drive drunk off the job, what makes you think he will not make that choice on duty? Chief Anne Kirkpatrick is absolutely correct in firing Mr. Thoma. And now he’s filing a lawsuit against the city for $4 million. Give me a break.

Arlene Stromberger

Davenport, Wash.