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Governor’s duty in Olympia

Every Washington state taxpayer should be livid to read of Gov. Chris Gregoire’s recent trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend an international meeting of world governments on global warming. I, for one, wished she had stayed in Olympia and worked on balancing my state’s budget instead of attending a meeting she had no business, in my opinion, attending.

Although the trip was not paid for by the state, her attentions need to be focused on Washington’s immediate problems. The Copenhagen global warming meetings were intended for international participation at the world level and not intended to cater to a low-level elected press grabber from Washington state. This state is in serious budgetary problems only being made worse by our unthinking or uncaring free-spending elected state officials. My advice to them is to stop it now or risk massive voter disapproval in our next elections.

My guess at this point is a flurry of pink slips to the Olympia elected in 2010.

G. Derek Policani