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Wed., Dec. 30, 2009

Officer made bad choices

I almost threw up my coffee after reading the headline about Brad Thoma now suing the city for $4 million for wrongful termination because he is an alcoholic and not responsible for his actions. The liquid poison Mr. Thoma ingests to make him an alcoholic did not go down his throat on its own. He poured it down his own throat.

Because of his own unwise decisions, he was fired. He no longer can perform his duties as a police officer.

Just think about it. He is a self-proclaimed alcoholic who can’t be held responsible for his actions, but he carries a gun. We all know that alcohol impairs judgment. This to me seems like a deadly mix.

This is Mr. Thoma’s own fault. But, alas, the lawyers get involved. I can only hope that Chief Anne Kirkpatrick can see through this sham of a lawsuit and fight it to the bitter end.

Jeanette Cunningham


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