December 31, 2009 in Letters

Congresswoman contrary

The Spokesman-Review

If Republicans regain the majority in the House in 2010, should Democrats oppose every bill and vote no? That’s what Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her fellow Republicans did in 2009.

She is doing little to contribute to the legislative process. She clearly places her party in front of her country. She behaves as a road-blocking obstructionist because the voters of this district have been brainwashed with her “working hard for Eastern Washington” media campaign. In practice, McMorris Rodgers is working only for her political career. She is the only female face standing behind the minority leader at Republican press conferences and a recent anti-health care insurance reform rally.

What would happen if any of us behaved like our congresswoman while at work or school? What would your supervisor or teacher say when you replied no to every request? We need cooperation and collaboration to survive as a people and country. The congresswoman took an oath that she doesn’t honor because her party comes first.

Instead of loyal opposition, the Republicans give us total opposition. How does that benefit our country? Disregard McMorris Rogers’ media image campaign and look up our congresswoman’s voting record at index.asp. She even voted against (HR-3214) our sales tax deduction.

Pete Scobby


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