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GOP priorities distorted

Have you received the latest survey questionnaire from the Republican National Committee? I just sent mine back. I loathe admitting that I answered the way they were hoping for in 12 of the 15 questions. It seems as though I still have some conservative values. Probably not a surprise since my family and I had been Republicans before the Republicans became so vicious in their quest for raw power.

I am retired military, so perhaps someone can help me to understand. Why is it now acceptable to be the world’s police force and to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to kill and maim innocents around the world, but not acceptable to spend what will amount to a few bowls of rice per American to aid sick and dying Americans? After all, it is our own tax dollars that the Congress is spending.

I know that the Republicans hate practically all social programs and for that matter, I would like to see many of them gone too, but spending American tax dollars on Americans’ health and general welfare seems more than appropriate. I don’t understand why the “tea baggers” are so willing to bully themselves into serfdom.

James C. Lanham