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Photo twists the truth

I find it interesting how the news media twists our minds. On the Business page on Jan. 27 there is a photo of exhaust-belching cars (SUVs of course) to promote Obama’s fuel efficiency standards. The photo would lead us to believe these “cars” are belching harmful smoke when in fact they are emitting water vapors. Since when are water vapors harmful? But, then again, this photo is to bolster Obama’s and the environmentalist agenda.

I notice that on any cold morning most businesses in Spokane are also belching harmful smoke (water vapor), just like the vehicles in the street, from their heating system stacks and their cooling or heating towers. How shameful! We must do something about this indignity to the environment.

Yes, we need to have more fuel-efficient vehicles, but let’s do it with honest data, not smoke (read water vapor) and mirrors.

Les Spillman



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