February 1, 2009 in Letters

School standards in decline

The Spokesman-Review

Well, now our educators can dance to another tune. Let’s call it WEASLING.

Our state will now lower its standards to ensure lower accountability in our schools and take educators off the hook. Just like snow days not made up last year, who are the losers? Those being educated. Randy Dorn was not elected superintendent of public instruction to change and lower testing standards, but like most politicians he has taken the easy way out to gain future votes by boasting improved testing scores on the revised WEASLING tests.

You can bet your next stimulus check that no essay questions will be on the computer version, because our students haven’t been taught basic keyboarding skills to complete the essay questions in a timely fashion. Of course, perhaps these questions will be multiple choice as well.

Our educators must be held accountable. Improve the WASL without lowering standards and expanding multiple choice questions.

John M. Hardin


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