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WUTC will favor Avista

You have to have respect for the attorney general filing an appeal on behalf of the Avista customers in Spokane.

Far too long in Avista’s recent history has the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission ruled in favor of utility districts. Who does the WUTC look out for? It surely isn’t the public. If you have issues with the WUTC, they ultimately work for the monopolies, meaning the telephone and electric companies.

Years ago, I approached the WUTC about telephone problems in Pend Oreille County for children that attended school in the 447 area but lived in the 292 telephone area. Wow, what a roadblock the WUTC set up. They were rude and very uncaring about this issue. It got to the point of frustration that I gave up.

I can predict the future here: The WUTC will rule in favor of the utility districts no matter what. It seems they always have and always will rule in their favor, not ours. Thank you for trying, Mr. ffitch, as the general public needs as much support as possible during these trying times.

Donna R. Lands

Newport, Wash.